Frequently asked questions about sworn translation 

Is a sworn translation an official translation?

Yes, it is an official translation under the title awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and it has full legal validity in Spain.

Are sworn translations valid outside Spain?

Yes, they are. However, as with any other official documents, you might be asked for them to be "legalised", as foreign countries don't have access to the Spanish registry of sworn translators and they are unable to verify the translator's signature. You can legalise the translation at the legalisations office of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they keep a record of my signature and stamp. You can find more information here: Legalisation service.

Will the digital version of the translation be accepted?

You will need to ask the receiving authority.

What is the price of a sworn translation?

Each document is different and prices vary accordingly, but here you can find the main guidelines for quoting the translation.

Why is a sworn translation more expensive than a normal translation?

The price for sworn translations is largely due to them being official documents. The sworn translator certifies the content of the translation and produces a public document which has full legal validity. 

Why do you apply an additional charge for hard copies?

Hard copies entail extra work compared to digital copies, and this charge includes such costs as printing, paper, packaging, postage and the additional time spent on their preparation.

How long does it take to make a sworn translation?

That will depend on the particulars of the specific document, its length and complexity, and on my availability at the time. I also offer an express service, you can find more information here

Do I need to give you the original documents?

No, it is not necessary nor is it advisable. However, it is recommended that you send a scanned image rather than a photograph. Please refer to this section for further details

Can you modify the original document?

No, the original document has to remain as it is and the translated document has to be the same as the original. Sworn translations must be as literal as possible and should not leave out or add anything at all. The purpose of the footnotes is to clarify some concepts which translation could be problematic, not to add comments. 

The scanned image does not show the full text, but I can tell you what is missing, will that be okay? 

No, the translation can only include what is in the original document that you have sent. Often we can guess the missing text, but I cannot include it if it is not visible in the original. In fact, a copy of the original document must be attached to the translation for reference and if the translation does not match it exactly it will not be valid.

There are some words in a different language, can you translate them if I tell you what they mean? 

No, my appointment as a sworn translator only allows me to certify translations between English and Spanish. The translation would not be valid. 

I have already translated the document and only need you to put a stamp on it, would you do that? 

No, I do not offer that service. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Do you keep the format of the original document in the translated document? 

Yes, the format of the original document is kept in the translation (within reason). It is also allowed to end each line with a dash, as a notary public would do sometimes.

How will I receive the translation?

The hard copy of the translation will be delivered printed on stamp-embossed paper (unless the format of the original document favours the use of normal paper), with the sworn translator's stamp and signature. The digital version of the translation will include a verifiable electronic signature.

Does The Hague Apostille need translating?

You will need to ask the receiving authority.

What are your qualifications?

You can find more information here.

What do I need to do to order a translation?

Please refer to this page.

Ana Belén Barrio Fernández - English/Spanish Sworn Translator No. 11348